Lebron is a next level weirdo

Lebron James, who I will say, is the Greatest Basketball Player in the world, is also, probably the biggest weirdo in the world.

It’s that time of year, the Cavs stink, so they have to have a team meating and basically tell Kevin Love that he’s faking being sick/injured, so they can have a scapegoat. But with all of that said, Lebron decided to have the extreme weirdo move of sending an IG message to himself, where he congratulates himself. One of the most next level 3rd person conversations, or extreme insecurity. And it’s not like LBJ doesn’t have his share of fanboys, cause he does. One of my favorite things to do is comment on LBJ Instragram posts and see the reaction I get from his defenders.

Being the greatest in the world at anything, would probably make anyone a little weird. But LBJ is always on the next level of weird.LeBron-James

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