First and Short

First down: What a Game, what a Fu%&*NG game between Auburn and Bama. Anytime You can watch the Gumps lose, it’s must watch. I love seeing those fans, have to suffer through a loss, and even better that it’s from their hated rival Auburn.

sad bama fan

  • The Gus bus was almost pushed over a cliff to start the season, but their is not a better team RIGHT NOW, in the country. Please, don’t even mention UCF, they wouldn’t beat Auburn right now.

Second Down: Coaching changes all over the SEC. Mullen is hired at UF. How far has the brand fallen that you get turned down by Kelly and Frost? Maybe this isn’t a top 5 job after all? Biellema is fired at Arkansas, I had a joke about Brett not shopping at the big and tall section at the Fayetville Belk, but then I realized that Arkansas, as a state, is pretty damn close to a human cattle call with the obesity in Arkansas. RIP to Ralphie May.  Sumlin is fired at Texas aTm, and I pray they hire Jimbo Fisher from FSU. Only because I seriously wonder who does FSU hire? UT hires Greg Schianno, until that whole helping to cover up child rape was mentioned online Sunday afternoon. Then, UT backs off of hiring Greg. Matt Luke is named head coach at Ole Miss. What a time to be alive!

Bret-Bielema-topless-225x300Yo Brett, Jen totally loves you for you and not the money.110294188_AN-PF-Carin-07-0814_r600x400

Third Down: Shout out to Ralph Webb from Gainesville High School. Ralph Webb has probably been one of the most underappreciated Running Backs in the SEC over the last 4 years, due to some other elite backs in the conference, (Chubb, Michele, Fournette). After not getting recruited by Will Muschamp, then at UF, Ralph went to Vanderbilt and is leaving his mark on the program as the School’s all time leading rusher, and 6th in the SEC in rushing yards, behind some legendary running backs. I hope Muschamp has learned it takes alot more than just height and weight to play football. This kid is special and a workhorse. Ralph Webb

Fourth Down: SEC championship in ATL is going to be fun. I look forward to this game every year. I love the city of ATL, love the new Mercedes benz stadium, And I hope Auburn beats the dog Shit out of UGA again. Gus’s words not mine.








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