Chip Jorts Kelly is Haile Plantation bound

Bang Bang. The Drums are still banging here at Saturday Religion to bring Chip Kelly to Florida. I’ve been clamoring for Chip to be in Gainesville since about the second quarter of the opening game against Michigan. Now that it’s looking like it COULD be a possibility, I think it’s only fair to take a look at what year 1, maybe 2 and 3 would look like with CK on patrol in Gainesville.

With Chip taking the reigns in Gainesville, it’s going to not be a quick fix or easy transition. You’re going to be changing from whatever offense Jim Mcelwain was trying to run, to an uptempo spread offense. Really, a complete overhaul of the offense, save for the wideouts maybe. The Gators offensive line is Garbage, Tightends are nowhere to be found, there is a decent freshmen running back. And if you have subjected yourself to Gator football over the last year, you know about the QB sitch. With CK, He is going to need to find a QB, currently on the roster, the only possible fit would be Jake Allen, who is currently redshirting.

Franks can run, in a dead on race. But lacks any fluidity, and isn’t shifty enough. And let’s face it, the kid trips on his own feet. Trask God must be God awful if he can’t get even a sniff of the field this year with Zaire and Franks playing ahead of him. So no Franks, no Trask, and Zaire is booty, and gone next year anyway.

Jake Allen was listed as a “Pro Style” QB on Rivals, but was at least offered by UCF, so there is some hope he could be a fit for a CK offense. Allen wasn’t a super high ranked recruit though.

The best option may be just keeping current QB commit Matt Corral in the fold. Coral is the 2nd ranked pro style QB behind top ranked Trevor Lawrence from Cartersville Ga, who is going to Clemson.

Between Allen, Coral and even Franks, I think CK is good enough to squeeze something from the QB position as early as next year.

  • September 1 – Charleston Southern (Gainesville, Fla.) – W
  • September 8 – Kentucky (Gainesville, Fla.) – W
  • September 15 – Colorado State (Gainesville, Fla.) – W
  • September 22 – at Tennessee (Knoxville, Tenn.) ?
  • September 29 – at Mississippi State (Starkville, Miss.) ?
  • October 6 – LSU (Gainesville, Fla.) W
  • October 13 –  at Vanderbilt (Nashville, Tenn.) W
  • October 20 – Bye
  • October 27 – vs. Georgia (Jacksonville, Fla.) L
  • November 3 –  Missouri (Gainesville, Fla.) W
  • November 10 – South Carolina (Gainesville, Fla.) W
  • November 17 – Idaho (Gainesville, Fla.) W
  • November 24 – at Florida State (Tallahassee, Fla.) L
  • December 1 – SEC Championship (Atlanta, Ga.)

Worst case I still think this schedule is 8-4 for Kelly. I think it could be 10-2. But It really depends on what happens with the UT job and Mississippi State job. Does Mullen take the UT job and who does MSU hire. If Mullen is hired at UT, I think UF wins at UT and at MSU, going 10-2. If UT hires Gruden, I think it’s a likely 9-3. Still at 9-3 and with Kelly recruiting in Florida, This program is not only back on the right tracks, its full steam ahead.

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